Our Story

Passion and commitment to charming and responsible fashion

Ann & Line is a trendy and timeless fashion, as well as
ecological and human.Respect for the environment has always been one of our priorities and fair production has been a given.We look for the best know-how in small workshops nearby. We therefore pay attention to the shortest possible delivery routes, sustainable and environmentally friendly shipping methods.

Sustainable clothing is synonymous with protecting the natural resources of the earth and our fellow human beings, as well as passing on sustainably produced fashion to consumers.

That is why Ann & Line produces in Europe. All jackets, coats, pants, blouses, dresses and blazers are designed in a small Parisian workshop.

We often work with end-of-line fabrics from haute couture houses.
This gives these extraordinary fabrics and cut garments a rare and
exclusive character.

Most of the fabrics also have European origins. France, Portugal and Italy are our main suppliers. We also bring some fabrics from Japan that are very famous for their technical and avant-garde fabrics.

All jersey parts (T-shirt, sweatshirt) are made in a workshop in
Portugal. They offer the best raw materials (Oeko-Tex certified) as well as the latest textile finishing techniques.

We produce our knitwear in ulgaria. Bulgaria has been known for its
textile know-how and technology for decades. They offer a real legacy in the garment and are steered into the future through the integration of innovations and avant-garde technologies.

Timeless, imperishable fashion …

Basics, tailor-made cuts to combine elegance and simplicity while
guaranteeing a long service life.

Because that is exactly what makes the garment durable: over the years it stays fresh and gives them a touch of the spirit of the age.

Our beautiful materials, our perfect cuts for extremely desirable clothing that will accompany you over years: these are our goals.

Play with the codes … Sublimate the classics …

The little black Ann & Line dress can be worn with sneakers during the day and then refined with a pair of sandals and pretty jewelry for the evening. A nifty ruffled blouse will go smart with cigarette trousers, they will give the trousers a very trendy rock touch, you can also wear them with jeans with holes.

Bring the garment to life, make its playful side yours …But also see it as a means of conveying a message, a mood, because it is an extension of the person wearing it …

The dress is so important that it defines the first impression.It helps to gain confidence and self-worth “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside,” said Coco Chanel.

Working on the outside, this art of being pretty, of taking care of yourself, goes a long way towards feeling good inside.

Combine elegance and comfort …

As chic and elegant as it is, Ann & Line customers avoid making their daily life uncomfortable or complicated because of their clothing.

The choice of our materials is one of our priorities: soft materials, comfortable, easy and everyday to wear.Most of our garments are machine washable and do not require ironing, perfect for today’s modern woman.

Let’s go, welcome to our world …We hope you enjoy it as much as we do …