The Trenchcoat

The Trenchcoat


A great classic, the trench coat is reinvented from season to season without ever losing its charm.
The first rays of spring sunshine are starting to show, and it’s time to take advantage of it to put on our favorite off-season jackets without waiting.

With its timeless cut, the trench coat has this extraordinary ability to make any outfit a little more elegant.
Its origins go back a long way. During the war, the trench coat was essentially the prerogative of soldiers and it is Thomas Burberry (1835-1926), who really was at the origin of its democratization.
The trench coat is the ideal off-season jacket. Traditionally beige and equipped with two rows of buttons, the trench reinvents itself every season.

Trends for spring 2022, play on colors, lengths and volumes … To blow a wind of freshness on our wardrobe

In short cut,

the trench coat is particularly light and elegant.
Ideal for the off-season, when the weather does not necessarily require a long coat.

In long cut,

the trench coat becomes ultra feminine and refined, like a second skin that will come alive with each of your steps.

In oversize version,

the trench coat is ultra trendy and modern while being practical and comfortable. When the weather is cool, you can layer it with a leather jacket or a cozy sweater.

With its timeless elegance, it is the darling of Parisian women.
It has that little urban chic side that will sublimate each of your outfits.
Moreover, it can be worn for all occasions: chic dinner, business, Sunday brunch …

It’s up to you to play with it according to the style you want:

Sportswear, wear the trench with a white t-shirt and jeans…
Romantic, with skinny jeans and a lace blouse…
Chic, with a little spring dress and a pair of heels…

It goes with everything, and will follow your moods whether it’s raining, windy… Or sunny.

A mandatory MUST HAVE…

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