Sweatshirts: cosy at home and everywhere else

Sweatshirts: cosy at home and everywhere else

Super stylish, the sweatshirt has long been one of the most popular homewear.

But it doesn’t just work at home anymore. For some time now, it has found its place, with panache, in every wardrobe of the wise fashionistas.


Everything you need to know about the sweatshirt:

  • The sweatshirt in neutral colors can be combined with everything.
  • Pair it with jeans and create a perfect casual urban look.
  • Play the contrasts and offset the look by complementing it with an elegant piece. The combination with a leather trousers or a sheath skirt will give you a specially elongated silhouette.
  • Bring it a touch of sophistication by associating it with trendy accessories. An It bag, oversized earrings or a pair of sandals with dizzy heels. . .
  • Just overlay. . . With a tank top or a long white shirt underneath, for a modern and structured look.
  • Choose an elegant model – bulky puffy sleeves will give you a couture look. . .

Just have fun!!!. . .

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