Ann&Line Knit production

Ann&Line Knit production

Today, we tell you more about the organization of part of our production.
Each production line is decided and set up according to the origin of the materials, the know-how and the respect of our ethical commitments.

Direction Bulgaria for the production of knitted fabrics…

Textile, a culture in Bulgaria…

The production is present in the whole country: in each city or village, there is a workshop. Textile is the first Bulgarian employer. Very often they are family workshops that are passed on from generation to generation.
However, the Bulgarians have few raw materials at their disposal.
For our productions, the yarns come mainly from Italy.

Why do we produce our knitted fabrics in Bulgaria?

We are looking for quality but not quantity

The advantage of the Bulgarian production in women’s ready-to-wear is that the workshops accept medium and small quantities because their capacity is often reduced and they have small production lines.
Small but perfect because excellence is our priority.

Their know-how and their technicality

Bulgarian workshops are very well equipped for the production of knitwear. A lot of investments are made in knitting and weaving machines.
They are very avant-garde in the field of equipment. They are also independent in this field because they produce their own machines.

To look for the know-how and the talent where it is… Always in the respect of the man and the environment… with a sincere will to improve unceasingly all that can be.
This is what drives us every day.

Thank you for following us and trusting us.

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